Wet Wizard Sauce Company
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Flavor packed, with a kick!

Are they Sauces or hot sauces?

Technically we have to call our sauces hot sauces. BUT, we frequently hear from customers that they didn't think they liked, let alone loved, hot sauce until they tried Wet Wizard. We offer three unique sauces that use heat as one component of a rich flavor profile. This is part of what makes them so special. They are going to enhance the food you create rather than overpower it. 

The many uses of wet wizard

Our sauces can't be contained to use on one type of food - they're highly versatile to various types of cuisines and are used during every meal of the day (even 4th meal).  Spice up your pizza, breakfast sandwiches, eggs, rice bowls, ramen, enchiladas, tacos and more. Check out our recipe section for more inspiration. 

whats with the name?

We like wizards. We also live in Portland, OR where it rains 145 days a year on average. Plus, wet burritos are the best and we wanted to craft a sauce that could bring a combination of flavor and heat to our wet burrito cravings.